Designer rads, Clever Thermostats, Magnaclean Filters, Brand-new Boilers

No matter what your needs, be it a brand new installation, an upgrade or complete new heating system, we have everything covered …

Chester le Street Cost of a New Boiler

Clever Thermostats

Fashion designer Radiators

Typical Radiators

Magnaclean Filters

Updated Boilers

These are the components of today’s present day heating solutions.

Smart Technology

Intelligent technical knowledge is here to stay. Never leave your heating on again, unnecessarily wasting hard earned cash.

Returning ahead of time? Switch it on using a quick swipe of your mobile phone. Nice and comfy for your arrival.

Developed for the utmost in convenience, they also save you money and conserve energy.

It’s currently a lawful necessity to have one installed. Which one is your preference …?

Whichever you opt for, we can install it.

Smart combi boiler thermostat
Designer Radiators

The majority of people are totally content with regular rads. Modern-day ones, whilst predominately white are both elegant and well finished. For heating purposes, they are fabulous.

However, designer rads are now popular. There certainly are some seriously unique designs and finishes on sale. Not to every person’s’ taste maybe, but certainly different enough for consideration.

You do really need to be very cautious when it come to the heat output. Appearing terrific does not always relate to being warm. Get in touch if you require advice.

Cost of a new boiler five star service
  Boiler breaking down. One fix too many or is it just simply old? Probably best not to ignore the signs below …
Seaham Cost of a New Boiler
  • Leaks: They should be fixed immediately.Water damages, that’s a basic fact. Electrics, flooring, plaster, brick-work and a lot more.
  • Repair work: Having your boiler repaired might be expensive. Doing so on countless occasions may be a financial headache, even more so in a very short space of time. You at some point reach a point where you seriously must think of getting a brand new one. Taking advice can save people a lot.
  • Noisy: Listen to your boiler. Hissing or popping sounds, bumping, banging, even more so in old boilers are tell tale hints that parts are perhaps wearing or on the way out. Take advice from a professional, in many instances its more economic to pay for a brand new boiler.
  • Warm Water: Lukewarm or intermittent hot water issues may be repaired. A professional will advise accordingly.
  • Age: The typical life span for a central heating boiler is 10 years. Whilst many last a lot longer, in almost all circumstances the efficiency levels are nowhere close where a brand new boiler will be. Aging appliances are also more likely to break down. Sometimes the savings and performance levels validate changing to a new model.
Need a new Boiler? We can help.We can really help. We feature all this in your new boiler system:

Top of the range boiler with a manufacturer’s warranty that works


Intelligent thermostat as standard (it’s now a requirement).

Magnetic filtering system as standard (soon to become a requirement).

Hot chemical heating system flush to eradicate damaging sludge as asked for by boiler manufacturers.

Gas Safe registered technicians only.

We instruct and clarify to you how everything works.

A price and support service second to none. We are great believers in the old saying "you only get what you pay for". We over deliver every single time ...

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They who delay usually end up paying more!

Manufacturers of combi boilers and associated items, magnetic cleaning products, rads, smart thermostats etc, are consistently increasing prices.

Act now! Keep the project as budget-friendly as possible, it makes sense

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