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The three major types of home heating systems.

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Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are without question, the most preferred choice of boiler nowadays. They are certainly the most cost effective and energy efficient in terms of usage.

They work by heating water directly from the cold water main as soon as a hot tap is opened. Considering they don’t require a hot water cylinder or cold water tank, they save greatly on space.

The boiler units themselves are now really compact, and when integrated with the modern flue methods can quickly be located anyplace in your property.

The heating system works on a two pipe operation, which is normally found in most domestic properties, & is consequently very uncomplicated to either install from new, or join into existing systems.

Combi boilers are great for more compact homes, flats, bungalows etc where space is at a premium.They are simply an excellent option where there is no loft space for water storage tanks and are also fantastic if an attic alteration looms. The bonus is no pipes freezing in the loft either.

Living space is increased, as is cupboard space because no hot water storage being needed. No pumps are required for showers, as whenever they run from a combi boiler the water distribution is excellent.

Due to there being less pipework called for, they are usually less costly to put in.

Heat Only Boilers

Heat only boilers have been in use for generations, and are possibly the option that’s been used the most over the years.

They are usually wall fixed, but once were situated behind a gas fire, a back boiler if you please.

This traditional boiler needs a hot water storing cylinder or very similar, in addition to cold water storage tanks to feed both the heating and hot water demands of the property.

While this style of system occupies room, it is suitable for residential properties of a greater size, especially those with more than one bath room as it permits several hot water draw off points together.

While not as efficient as a combi based system, with today’s technology they are really still economical to run. The downside is the install costs are greater as a result of additional storage tanks & pipework required.

System Boilers

System boilers are pressurised, rather akin to a combi boiler. Although by design, the primary heating system and hot water elements are built into the boiler, the system still requires hot water to be saved. This is accomplished utilizing a pressurised or mains water fed cylinder or storage vessel, generally built from copper or steel. They do not need cold water storage tanks, which in turn suggests no pipes in the loft for the most part.

This method enables a continuous supply of hot water to multiple taps simultaneously. Excellent for houses with more than one bath room or for making use of two showers together, provided of course there is a really good mains pressure present.

System boilers are usually compatible with solar energy water systems, great news for delivering environmentally friendly rewards in addition to saving cash on your energy costs.

With all the things being pressurised, like a combi, the install costs are lower, thanks to there being no need for storage tanks and the connected pipe and fittings etc

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Vaillant boilers on finance

Their high efficiency boilers are straightforward to put in, maintain and service and easy to use. They are so positive in the reliability of their boilers that their company offer industry-leading free parts and labour warranties, for absolute peace of mind.

Baxi’s range of boilers and subsequent sales, which are these days well in to the hundreds of thousands, have recently surged the business into the leading three in the UK. Pure quality.

From their origins, right through to their present boiler ranges, Baxi’s ethos of pride, passion and positivity – combined with reliability, regard and innovation – has helped define their business. From their award winning customer support to their industry-leading hands-on training sessions for installers, they are devoted to ensuring life with Baxi as easy as possible, for both customer and installer alike.

Worcester Bosch

Worcester have actually been making boilers since the sixties. Despite entering into the Bosch group in 1996, they continue to manufacture vast volumes of boilers in the UK every year.

Worcester pride themselves on being a “Which” leading company for the last 10 years and counting.

They have certainly for many years been the market innovators in terms of top quality & advancement, a benchmark if you like for the other companies to follow and duplicate.

While regarded as pricey, there’s no such thing as a bad Worcester boiler, from the least expensive to the highest priced, they just simply ooze quality.


Ideal Boilers was founded in 1906, showing that they have more than one hundred years of supplying the best quality boilers to their potential clients whilst continually progressing to fulfill ever-changing domestic heating demands.

These days, Ideal remains at the leading edge of the domestic and business heating system markets, leading the industry in setting new criteria and challenging technological boundaries. The business holds to its starting concepts of premium quality, innovation and value– building on its superb heritage as they look to the foreseeable future.

They are currently the number one selling boiler company in the UK.


For more than 140 years, Vaillant has been setting the standards in the home heating market place, creating products that have transformed the business, from water heating units in the very early 1900’s, to pioneering the ‘combi’ boiler over 35 years ago.

As one of Europe’s leading heating technology producers, ‘thinking ahead’ is a way of life which is embodied throughout their business. their products come with high energy efficiency ratings and low emissions, and feature an excellent reputation for performance, quality and reliability.

Their continuous drive to deliver foremost levels of client service and training back up aids to demonstrate why their customers continually recommend Vaillant– the ultimate recommendation any label could ask for.

Times quite hard and financial circumstances tight? We can help ... New boilers are very expensive, that's a simple fact. Price rises over the last 10 years have been astonishing.

A lot of this is due to environment and efficiency targets. While that’s great for the earth and all those who demand value for money, it’s certainly not so great for all those who need to purchase them.

We don’t all have deep pockets, we realise not everyone can extend to the top of the range models, and because of that we do put in lower end boilers that come with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. To be completely honest, that’s the minimum you should choose.

Our team have sourced a Main Eco boiler (Baxi in another name), & a Vokera that are very good boilers, do the business, 5 year as standard, and for an excellent price delivered and installed that could possibly suit everyone …

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